About me

Tijana Živanović

‘Imaginarium’ by Tijana Živanović was founded on my need to envision and create atypical, art-infused pieces of furniture. These hand-made, unique pieces fit perfectly into different living spaces, offices, shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and lounges – and their eccentricity brings a distinctive charm.

‘Imaginarium’ is reminiscent of something like a fairytale, of something alchemical, something that can produce unexpected forms and combinations of color, textile and other decorative elements; something that can fill any space with warmth and a particular energy.

I’m offering you something that’s far from the stereotypical, more so an upgrade or playful creation – which can make an interior space come off as chic and artsy.

I build furniture from scratch, for which I find the lack of mainstream to be characteristic – mostly because it contains a dose of clarity. I also redesign old furniture, in a way that makes it come out modern, eccentric, in a light not intended for it during the era it came from. In this way, the essence remains the same, I retain its core and fit it into the context of contemporary lifestyle.

Additionally, I consult on how to decorate all work and residential spaces with unique details in the curtains, throw pillows, covers…

Allow me to help you get others to see what you see.