“Imaginarium” offers services aimed at refining the room you’re living or working in, in the form of design, restoration and manufacture of one-piece furniture and accompanying decorations. This dance with shapes, materials and colors is especially characteristic of modernly designed homes, where one neo-Baroque stool, Biedermeier armchair or antique cupboard can take you back in time and offer you a touch of timeless style, culture and tradition.

A bit tacky and non-commercial, certainly unique, the furniture I design is in sync with current trends, but first and foremost takes into account your wishes, sensibility and the impression you want to leave.

  •   FURNITURE REDESIGN -I restore older pieces of furniture, but in a way that makes them appear modern, eccentric or romantic. After my intervention, your cabinets, armchairs, cupboards, chairs and tables will get a new life, and you will get a unique piece of furniture that you’ll love even more.
  •   UNIQUE FURNITURE – I design furniture that fits perfectly into any interior, and its uniqueness will set you apart as well. It is characterized by functionality, boldness and extravagance.
  •   INTERIOR DECORATION – I consult on how to reorganize your homes and other spaces such as offices and various commercial units. I will help you bring together incompatible colours and styles in an interior space.
  • PHOTO SHOOTS – I can help you create a photo-shoot concept, whether it be editorial, catalogue, over to product promotion and photographs for a family album.
  • STORE WINDOW DECORATIONS – I decorate and arrange windows, making them different and distinctive and more attractive to the eye.

When I’m not working on an order, I restore pieces for sale at my own discretion, which you will find at the following locations:

  1. Butique VidiVidi! (Njegoševa 32, Vračar)
  2. Kare (Dečanska 12)
  3. Supermarket concept store (Višnjićeva 10)
  4. Butique Rancco (Knez Mihailova 44)
  5. Imaginary (Niška 17)

For all pieces that are still available and are currently not being shown at the above locations, please feel free to contact me.